Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Have you ever tried dressing up your nails? Well, I have! Look just how cute this formal tuxedo looks like on my nails. It's a simple and easy nails design that beginners will surely adore. I know that it's not bright and colorful but its simplicity and CUTENESS will turn peoples head.

Lets get started!


♥basecoat (elianto base coat)
♥white nail polish (sansan nail polish PHP37)
♥black nail striper (sassy nail polish PHP26)
♥topcoat (the face shop topcoat PHP95)
♥dotting tool (BK dotting tool PHP200 included in a set of 5)


1. use a base coat to protect nails from further yellowing.
2. Apply 2 coats of white nail polish and let it dry.
3. Make two slated lines on the tip of your nails just like so and meet on the center of the nails.

4. Fill in the gaps and repeat steps on all of your nails.

5. make an x on the top of your finger nails, connect the lines vertically and fill the gaps with black.and now, you have a cute little bow :D

6. Dip the doting tool on the black polish and make two dots vertically aligned on the center of the nails.7. Seal in your design with your favorite topcoat.

There you have it. cute nail design in just a few minutes! ( sans the waiting though)
it's cute,literally formal and easy .


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  2. so cute!!

    i follow!


  3. Hi Ynell,

    I'm so happy I stumbled on your blog, your nail art is incredible!

    Can I cross-post this on Kikay Exchange ( We have a new feature where our readers can upload their own FOTD, LOTD, NOTD and kikay kit, but I also upload posts that catch my fancy. Will be linking back to you of course :)


  4. yes jill you can definitely do so :D

  5. Hi Ynell,

    Here you go:

    Keep on creating your rocking nail art! :)

    Btw, feel free to upload your own NOTD on Kikay Exchange. You can find the how-to link on the upper right portion of the page :)

    Thanks again for allowing me to cross-post! :)

  6. wow, so creative, and so whimsical! love it, and you're so creative. you're so pretty also. :) enjoyed browsing your blog, and i am now following. maybe you'll have time to visit my blog. :)


    1. ohh thankyou ♥AdamAlexMommy♥.sooo sweet of you :D
      followed you back! hope you'll stay tuned for my upcomming posts :D godbless!

  7. hi!!!!!!!!!!1 omg, the san sAN white polish look so cool!!!! hahaha, btw, i was looking for ur email cos i wanted to ask u a few questions. nvm, i shall ask here :)
    Which polish do u think is better san san or caronia? Does the white san san polish last long? Or does it chip quick? I dont really know which white polish to buy, from san san or caronia? I will be gg to philippines on december. OMG, i can't wait! I'm living here in Singapore btw. My dad is chinese and my mom is half philippino half spanish. Thanks!! Could u reply me at
    Thanks a lot again babe!