Monday, August 22, 2011


painted tiger colors on each nail gradually fading to a copperish brown color to make some shadows appear. This is my favorite nail art. i've been doing this for almost half a year now and it's been just like a breeze for me to do..

comment below if you want a tutorial in this look.


Newspaper printed nails have been one of the most talked about in the nail blogging community. nails printed with news paper. so easy yet so cute. The thing is, it's kinda boring because it lacks colors. I placed in my thinking caps and thought of the same idea but with colors incorporated in it.

i came up with magazine printed nails. you'll have all the headlines on your tips but the next day you wake up, your nails will be the news.

old magazine
cup or container
base coat
white nail polish
top coat

1. Cut out magazine strips. make sure it fits your nails.
2. Apply base coat to prevent nails from yellowing
3. Apply two coats of white nail polish. (white polish is better than colored ones. you don't want any paper obviously sticking on your nails if you use other base color)
4.Pour alcohol in the container. soak the paper strips on the alcohol for about 2 minutes.
5. Get a magazine strip. Place it on top of the nails press down for 30 sec don't forget the sides for nice and even print.
6. Repeat on all of your nails and apply topcoat.

Now, you have all the headlines on your tips but are made colorful. BTW, Prints are mirror type. but what the hell? its still awesome :D

hope you guys enjoy.
just comment below if you want a video about this one.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

kiss &makeup Birthday Giveaway ~ INTERNATIONAL!

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MissKatV's 1,300 Followers Giveaway!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Cracking nail polish is really in right now. Almost every brand tries to make onw of their own since its an easy way to create nail art without so much hassle. Its's just like a breeze because you just have to paint it like a regular polish and then in matter of seconds, the magic happens.

BK nail polish is actually available online. you can see most of this polish retailing for 120pesos plus the shiping fee that you should shoulder for purchasing. I got mine while strolling around Victory mall because i'm killing my 3 hour vacant time for school. I was just suppose to buy a regular nail polish from BK but i ended up giving in because I wanna try something new.

I got mine for 80pesos. The content of the bottle is actually 10 ml. just a little bulb bottle with the white handle. Packaging wise, nothing special but it's a good thing that they have a sticker with the design so that you'll know how things will come out. The bottle doesnt have so much to say. It only has the brand "BK" and a statement which says that it's a "cracking nail polish"

Well here's how i do it.

1.Apply two coats of your base color.Let it dry.
i normally use white since it goes well with everything.
Product used sansan French White available in HBC strores retailing for PHP37

2. Apply the BK cracking nail polish on top of the base coat.
just a quick heads up.The thicker the nail polish you apply, less cracks will appear. The thinner the application of the product, the more cracks will appear. Wait for the magic. :D

3. Apply your favorite topcoat to prolong the wear of your nail polish.

-the texture of the nail polish is kinda liquidy which makes it easier to apply the product since we're trying to make it fast.

-its a cute nail art design in no time.

- has no awful smell

-available almost everywhere. You can always buy online. divisoria is the place that you should go to if you want to see more cute polishes.

-it chips off eassily. You need to l;oad up your topcoatjust to prolong the wear.
-the price is average for the 10ml bottle but the wear doesnt last that long.

Will a repurchase it??
yes. i dont really care it it chips quickly. all nail polish does that on my nails because it almost paper thin.Its a good price for a cute magical thingy.


Have you ever tried dressing up your nails? Well, I have! Look just how cute this formal tuxedo looks like on my nails. It's a simple and easy nails design that beginners will surely adore. I know that it's not bright and colorful but its simplicity and CUTENESS will turn peoples head.

Lets get started!


♥basecoat (elianto base coat)
♥white nail polish (sansan nail polish PHP37)
♥black nail striper (sassy nail polish PHP26)
♥topcoat (the face shop topcoat PHP95)
♥dotting tool (BK dotting tool PHP200 included in a set of 5)


1. use a base coat to protect nails from further yellowing.
2. Apply 2 coats of white nail polish and let it dry.
3. Make two slated lines on the tip of your nails just like so and meet on the center of the nails.

4. Fill in the gaps and repeat steps on all of your nails.

5. make an x on the top of your finger nails, connect the lines vertically and fill the gaps with black.and now, you have a cute little bow :D

6. Dip the doting tool on the black polish and make two dots vertically aligned on the center of the nails.7. Seal in your design with your favorite topcoat.

There you have it. cute nail design in just a few minutes! ( sans the waiting though)
it's cute,literally formal and easy .

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Both of these nail polish removers are manufactured locally here
in the Philippines. Bobbie's nail polish remover is manufactured by Chic Centre Corporation while caronia Nail Polish Remover is Manufactured by Vibelle Manufacturing Corporation.
Both are locally made but of different manufacturers. so we're looking for a big difference here.


available in watsons, sm department stores and landmark.mostly everywhere
prices varies depending on stores.

Increases nail polish adherence
Does not leave white film on nails
with formula 30 acetone
tinted green

available in watsons, sm department stores ETC.

Removes nail polish fast without drying .
81% acetone
Tinted Purple.

I've been using bobbie's nail polish remover for almost half a year now or maybe even more. I'm not quite sure though. I'm on my third bottle now and I'm in the last quarter mark. I know that I've been repurchasing it but it doesn't necessarily mean that I'm inlove with this product. Well, it actually says what it does in th bottle and plus it says that it has a safer formula because of lesser acetone content.

What i hate about it is that it takes forever for it to remove polish successfully. I need to rub it off hardly and a lot of times just to get rid of my old nail polish as well as changing the cotton balls everytime just because its harder to remove if it isnt fresh because of build-up. But still it is actually backed up by the reason that it only has formula 30 acetone (30% or the entire solution is acetone) thus, making it harder to remove nail polish.I know we want everything rightaway but it doesn't hurt to use a safer formula for our nails right?

On the other hand, i discovered Caronia Nail Polish Remover at Watsons retailing for php65 containing only 250ml. 25ml lesser than Bobbie's Nail Polish Remover. But if you place both of the nail polish removers side by side it doesnt seem to have so much difference. The bottle and the content seems to be alike. Ive been raving about this product for months because its PURPLE its just sooooo cute. This product doesnt actually have much to say it just provides instructions at the back and a description that says it removes nail polish fast without drying up nails. Does it live on its promise?? BIG YES. I tried it the moment I went back home. I poured a generous amount on my cotton ball,rubbed it on my finger nails and in 3-4 swipes, my nail polish is gone. All gone.What i noticed as well is that it doesnt leave a white film on the nails even though it has 81% of acetone in its content and i must say that the pungent solventy scent doesnt linger as much as the Bobbie Nail Polish Remover.

All in all, I preffer the Caronia Nail Polish Remover just because its fast and its easy. It might be 15 pesos more than the other one but its actually worth it. it removes nail polish rightaway,solventy smell does not linger in the room which kills me, as well as it doesnt leave a white film on the nails.

But still, my opinions are based on how the product performed when i used it. It will still differ depending on your experiences. I havent used it a lot yet but if there are any changes, I'll inform you guys rightaway.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

giveaway by beautiful rhapsody

i havent joined any giveaway contest here in the philippines and this is actually my first. :D i hope you guys can join this contest as well to get those lovely treats

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4. Shawill Mono Eyeshadow #6

5. Accessories Box

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7. Close Up White Now Sample

please click the link provided above for more informations and the mechanics regarding this contest.. congratulations guys.