Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Cracking nail polish is really in right now. Almost every brand tries to make onw of their own since its an easy way to create nail art without so much hassle. Its's just like a breeze because you just have to paint it like a regular polish and then in matter of seconds, the magic happens.

BK nail polish is actually available online. you can see most of this polish retailing for 120pesos plus the shiping fee that you should shoulder for purchasing. I got mine while strolling around Victory mall because i'm killing my 3 hour vacant time for school. I was just suppose to buy a regular nail polish from BK but i ended up giving in because I wanna try something new.

I got mine for 80pesos. The content of the bottle is actually 10 ml. just a little bulb bottle with the white handle. Packaging wise, nothing special but it's a good thing that they have a sticker with the design so that you'll know how things will come out. The bottle doesnt have so much to say. It only has the brand "BK" and a statement which says that it's a "cracking nail polish"

Well here's how i do it.

1.Apply two coats of your base color.Let it dry.
i normally use white since it goes well with everything.
Product used sansan French White available in HBC strores retailing for PHP37

2. Apply the BK cracking nail polish on top of the base coat.
just a quick heads up.The thicker the nail polish you apply, less cracks will appear. The thinner the application of the product, the more cracks will appear. Wait for the magic. :D

3. Apply your favorite topcoat to prolong the wear of your nail polish.

-the texture of the nail polish is kinda liquidy which makes it easier to apply the product since we're trying to make it fast.

-its a cute nail art design in no time.

- has no awful smell

-available almost everywhere. You can always buy online. divisoria is the place that you should go to if you want to see more cute polishes.

-it chips off eassily. You need to l;oad up your topcoatjust to prolong the wear.
-the price is average for the 10ml bottle but the wear doesnt last that long.

Will a repurchase it??
yes. i dont really care it it chips quickly. all nail polish does that on my nails because it almost paper thin.Its a good price for a cute magical thingy.


  1. I am into cracking nail polishes. Just this weekend, I had my nails done with a turquoise shade. It's so nice! :)

  2. @MariaKristela thankyou so much. :d i will actually buy more coz its just so cute.I'll make an update with the new colors that ill get :D

  3. Stumbled across your blog!

    I still don't know how I feel about crackles. I can like them at times, but I also prefer neater looks at the same time. Hmm...

    Following you! Mind following back?

  4. This is insanely gorgeous! I love this combination! Very nice! =)


  5. I love how it turned out! So pretty!

  6. i had one of these, dark blue... it's nightmare to take it of from nails :-(
    otherwise, it crackle just fine :-)

  7. Looks great! Followed you.

    I got mine in violet, 15ml for 200php. I plan to write a post about it soon. :)