Friday, July 29, 2011


A friend of mine, a.k herrera asked me to make angry bird nails. She wants them on her nails of course. Im a big fan of angry bird. birds placed on sling shots to make revenge for those evil hogs from stealing their eggs. i wonder why revenge looks really cute on those birdies.

i really want those birdies on my nails. the thing is, all of the nail art tutorial that i watched regarding those cute little birdies uses nail art paint which is easier to maneuver than regular polishes which tends to be really sticky.

yes. as ive said earlier, regular tends to be sticky due to air exposure.
but i dont actually have those nail paints to work with. so i just tried regular polishes instead and yet i was able to make a decent nail arty on my non dominant hand only
yes i know. it's not so perfect, but its very close.
all of the products that i use are available on phillipine market and is really affordable for those who are cutting down their budget.

see. if you actually have something to start with, you can make those fun design on your own. its cute, its funny, stylish and fulfilling. thats the best part of all.. never actually thought that i can make those.. but yeah.. so guys dont be hesitant to make nail designs.


  1. @princessmicah thank you so much.. theres more to come.. :D

  2. Love the nails!! I want to do angry birds for my niece and nephew's bday party Saturday and this is gonna be the pic I used to base my on :) great job!!

  3. thanks :D i used the iphone cases as a basis in making this design. :D you can check that out too :D