Friday, April 2, 2010

sleepless nights

Insomnia.. How do I get through it..
Insomnia is a common sleep problem that can affect your quality of life. People with insomnia have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. They may wake up during the night or wake up too early the next morning.
In my case, I’m the type of person who has troubles in sleeping. I may be lying on my bed for about an hour or two, but still, I can’t sleep.
I’ve been researching about insomnia and one stood out to be the best fit.
Onset insomnia -difficulty falling asleep at the beginning of the night, often associated with anxiety disorders.
Anxiety disorders.!! Boom.. that clicked on my mind.
There are times that I ended up crying on my bed for a good one or two minute.
The reason why? I don’t know.
Maybe because I can’t really sleep.
Maybe because there’s something I want to take out of my chest.
There may be something that’s been bothering me that only crying can help me lessen the pain.

I can cry for an hour, but the thing is that I don’t know any definite reason as to why I’m crying.

I do have problems but I don’t know which of them made me cry.

I’m always struggling whenever I need to sleep. I take morning classes so I need to wake up early which is like hell for me coz I haven’t even had a good sleep yet and I should be ready for the day. ugggh

I haven’t gotten through insomnia yet but I enjoy things better than before.
Whenever I can’t sleep I read magazines so that I do something relevant in my time.
Whenever the sun starts to shine, I walk around the neighborhood or jog around.
It’s kind of not really that great as compared to those who can sleep early and complete their 8 hours of rest. But having to fight on the situation you’re into is hard. Forcing yourself to sleep is hard. So why not make the best use out of your time?

Before I drink medicines just to make me sleep early, but I ended up waking up.
It’s just like a waste of money.
When I wake up in the morning I feel lighter but I also feel like it’s not normal.
The feel that I get whenever I wake up the day after I take my meds is not satisfying.
I feel like it’s more of a walkthrough in a game.
Something you use to cheat coz u just can’t get through it.

Having insomnia is difficult.
Insomnia is not a disease, and no test can diagnose it. But when you can't sleep well, it often has to do with some other cause.
Now, I’m still trying to find out what that cause is.
Wondering if I have psychiatric disorders or anxiety.
But how will I know if I can’t be able to function well because of not getting enough sleep?

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