Saturday, January 7, 2012


I had this photo posted on my facebook wall november 8th of 2011 and I haven't really thought of doing a blog post about it.(yikes)

I was actually browsing through my fellow bloggers photos and stuff until i saw this picture from Maggie's page (photo shown below).She said she wanted this nail decals so i commented right away and told her that i have the same thing but the one on her post appears to have a smoother finish.

I bought this nail foils at divisoria (168 mall) for only 80 pesos($1.50)!what a steal?!i dont know where exactly, but its everywhere. it comes in different colors and even patterns. Sally Hansen also came up with this type of nail decals. their so called " Salon Effects". Those comes with a variety of patterns to choose from and I think that retails around $12 with 24 strips. not sure though:((

I've only tried the red one but that's actually enough to give you my honest review about it.

available over the web.
kills waiting time. 'coz its dry in the first place.
no smudging
really stylish
pre-cut to lessen the hassle of manually cutting it!
can be folded in half for shorter nails!
can fit your toe nails as well!
comes with a lot of patterns/colors to choose from.

-it does kill the waiting time but wth? the application process is kind of long especially if you're doing this by your self.
-this is a sticker type of nail decal so you have to be careful placing it on your nail bed or else,. HELLO BUBBLES!! you can smooth it out but you have to be really gentle or you'll rip them apart!
-it does chip easily. for the brand that i bought, but just to give you a heads up, my nails are really thin which contributes to the immediate chipping of whatever polish i use.

so that's my review about the nail foils that i got. so far, i really like it! especially the metallic ones. It brings out the edgier side of me :D hope you guys try it out and see for yourself.

if you do have any questions, just ask away :D


  1. Nice!!<3 pls check out my blog and comment :]

    1. thankyou :d i followed your blog. nice top from the Snoopy's Street Fair post.

  2. Your nails are so pretty! Mine aren't so pretty view. :D

    P.s I've international MAC cosmetic giveaway in my blog...Check it out!

    x H

    1. hi heidi :D thank you so much! i want to join your giveaway but im really not lucky with giveaways. haha. stay tuned for my upcomming posts aryt?

  3. Replies
    1. thank you. It was really inexpensive too. like %1.50. that's such a steal!